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Alex Anthopoulos Talks to the Media.

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So Alex Anthopoulos talked to the mainstream media (grumble, grumble, talks to stupid newspaper people and not to me) yesterday. Alex has mastered the most important ability of a GM, to be able to talk a lot without really saying much. There were a few nuggets of information. My favorite was that he wants to build the best scouting staff in baseball and improve our player development.  That would be a good thing. He said it is easier to to attract the best scouts than it is to attract the best free agents, to Toronto. 

Anthopoulos wants to build a team that can win 95 games a year every year. Course I doubt there are any GMs that wouldn't want to build a team like that. He talked about some of the prospects we have, saying Henderson Alvarez is, arguably, our best prospect. He said we need more hitting prospects, saying most of the ones we do have are in the lower minors. 

Alex said he would start in spring training to look for the manager for 2011. It sounds like the reason he didn't make a manager change now is because he wanted to take his time and make sure he picked the right person.  I can understand that, as much as I would have liked someone else this year, a GM don't very often get to try three or four different managers (other than JP) so it is important to pick the right guy the first time. And since Cito isn't 'his guy', he won't be assigned the blame for Cito's moves this year. 

He said he prefers trades over free agents, at least for now. I'm kind of neutral on that, I don't think it is a good idea to say there is a strategy that you don't want to use to improve the team. It reminds me of Cito telling us he doesn't like to pinch hit. Yeah, giving out long term, high salary contracts to guys in their 30's doesn't work very often. But, since we don't have a lot of help coming from the minors, right away, and that we do have a number of holes, a couple of short term signings wouldn't hurt. And it might give the fans something to keep us interested, while you build the team you want. 

What I didn't like was him saying that we are a 75 win team suggesting there is no point in trying to make us a contender this year. Yeah we only won 75 games, but we scored 27 more runs than we allowed. Our Pythagorean record was -84-78. Yeah, I know, statistics are for losers. But, with all the injuries to our starting staff, with a manager that thought Kevin Millar should get 283 plate appearances and with obvious holes in the lineup, we still scored more than me allowed. So we could be better than the team looked. 

No, I'm not saying we shold sign someone for $150 million over 7 years. I think signing Jason Bay would be a huge mistake. But, telling us fans that we aren't going to win this year seems like asking fans not to buy tickets. He figures when the team starts winning, in a few year, the fans will come. But if no one comes to the games next year, you might not have a team in the future. 

I know, he's trying to 'manage expectations', but screw it, give us a team worth watching. Tell us that you are going to find a way to fill the holes we have without mortgaging the future. You can't make me believe that if we spent $10 million extra this year, we'd have $10 million less to spent in the future. 

Anyway, he also said there is 'no quick fix', suggesting things are really messed up with the team. It does make me wonder. Wasn't he assistant GM for this messed up team? So some of the messed up is on him. He said there is no 'time table' for righting the team. So he is smart enough to know the term '5 year plan' could come back to haunt him. He admitted that his time table for winning might not be quick enough to suit, Roy Halladay, so expect to hear more trade rumors. 

All-in-all, I do like the guy. He is enthusiastic. But he does have to prove himself to me.