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Fame of Fame Poll: Andres Galarraga

Andres Galarraga came up with the Expos and I remember, at the time, thinking he was very overrated. In his full seasons in Montreal he his 10, 13, 29, 23, 20 and 9 homers. He struck out a lot, hit lefties great, righties far less so. They called him the Cat for his defense, though I don't know why they thought his defense was that great, he made a fair number of errors for a first baseman and I didn't think he was all that agile around the bag.

The Expos traded him to St. Louis and he had a pretty poor season there, then signed with the Rockies as a free agent. The thin air in Denver was made for him and he hit 172 homers in his 5 seasons there. Who needs steroids when you have Mile High Stadium? After Colorado he bounced around a bit playing for Atlanta, Texas, San Fran, Montreal (again), Giants (again) and Anaheim.

It wasn't a bad career all in all, he hit 399 homers, had 1425 RBI in 19 seasons. His career batting line .288/.347/.499.