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Thursday Banterings: End of the Winter Meetings

Winter Meetings are over and apparently Alex Anthopoulos is on his way home, still with Roy Halladay on the roster. The latest rumor from Ken Rosenthal has the Phillies are 

prepared to offer a package that will likely include J.A. Happ, plus either Michael Taylor or Domonic Brown.

Happ is a proven major league arm, the Phillies would be selling low on him, but to get Doc it would be worth it. Taylor is a little further advanced than Brown, I'd think Brown would need another year of minor league ball.

I'll admit if the Joey Gathright rumor is more than a minor league contract, I'd be very disappointed in Alex.

In news from other teams:

Red Sox and Rangers are still talking a Mike Lowell trade, not sure why the Rangers would want him, but I guess the Red Sox would be paying most of his salary.

The Red Sox also traded for Boof Bonser from the Twins.

The Astros are going to pay former Jay Brandon Lyon $15 million over the next three, which should be a sign you ought to be firing you GM.

And over at Joe Posnanski has picked his 'Team of the Decade' and Doc is the third man in the rotation behind Pedro Martinez and Johan Santana.

So the meetings are over. The Jays went into the meetings needing an outfielder and a catcher, wanting a starting pitcher and having an Ace that wanted to be traded. They come out of the meetings in the same place. But we did get Zech Zinicola. It must be hard for all the reports that went down to the meetings to turn in their expense statements with a straight face.