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Buck Martinez to do Play by Play for Sportsnet

I am surprised/confused or something. Sportsnet have announced that former Jay catcher/analyst/manager Buck Martinez will be play-by-play man on their Blue Jay broadcasts. I'm imagining that this means Jamie Campbell has been fired. Do you notice the name missing in this paragraph:

"I'm excited to join the Sportsnet team," said Martinez, who managed the Jays from 2000 to 2002. "I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to call play-by-play, and living up to the great tradition that has been established by Tom Cheek, Jim Hughson and Dan Shulman."

I wasn't Campbell's biggest fan but thought he was getting better this past season. He seemed to be catching on to the idea that not every ball hit into the air was going to be a home run. For the longest time, it seemed to me, that every game was his first game. He never gave you the feeling that he had seen baseball before, he seemed to get excited about the wrong things. This past season, I thought he was improving. 

But I was a fan of Buck Martinez' color commentary when he and Dan Shulman worked together on the Jays games. I was far less of a fan of his managing, but if you take a guy out of the TV booth and put him in the dugout, you get what you deserve. 

Good luck Buck.