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Won't You Please Let Me Go: Arbitration for Eligible Jays?

Following up on Tom's post, I figured I'd take a break from my too-long hiatus to put up my views on the arbitration-eligible Jays.

I don't see the point in offering Shawn Camp arbitration.  He pitched well for the team last year but there are cheaper alternatives that have more upside.  And he's not even a FA after 2010, as far as I know, so there's not really a reason to keep him around for the draft pick (assuming you think he could get there) either. 

Jeremy Accardo, I would offer a contract.  Obviously Cito doesn't like him, but he has talent and would be a mainstay in a number of MLB bullpens.  I would try to trade him.  If they can't get anything useful back, I'd see if he can make the big-league bullpen out of spring, which I think he can. If he doesn't make the team, I'd release him then out of fairness to Jeremy or trade him for whatever is out there.  Cito might be what we call testa dura, but he does change his mind about players sometimes and an improved attitude (and, more importantly, improved control) on Jeremy's part could give him a new lease on his Jays career.

Jose Bautista has to be non-tendered, in my view.  Even if the Jays want to keep him, I think they can non-tender him and retain him for less money.  $4 million is way too much for a utility player (which is what he better be) on a non-contending team.  I don't see a lot of teams knocking down the door to snatch him up and if someone wants to give him a starting job, more power to him. 

Raul Chavez, I'm not sure it matters one way or the other but he did a nice job last season.  I'm not a fan of what I consider to be over-catching, but the pitchers didn't seem to mind. 

Casey Janssen and Dustin McGowan, I think you absolutely have to offer deals.  Neither is going to cost much more than the minimum and while there are huge long-term concerns for both (McGowan if he'll ever pitch again, Janssen if he'll ever be as good as he was), they do both have proven major league success and when you have the chance to get that for close to the minimum, you take it.

Shaun Marcum, Jason Frasor, and Brandon League to me are no-brainers, as is Brian Tallet.  Tallet is right on the bubble of being a Type B free agent in 2010, is a useful lefty out of the pen, and shouldn't be too expensive. 

Today's title from the incredible song "Age of Consent" by New Order, one of my favorite winter bands. 
Stay warm.