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Raul Chavez Non-Tendered

Everyone else gets a contract. 

A personal opinion is that Jose Bautista shows that Cito still holds a lot of power in with the team. My worry now is that we are going to go into the season with a .235 hitting corner outfielder, leading off, made worse because he doesn't hit right handers at all. 

Oh well, I guess we weren't planning on winning next year but still.....paying $4 million plus for a guy that doesn't hit most pitchers out there is not exactly good use of resources. 

All the others on the bubble were tendered a contract. Jeremy Accardo must be thrilled, though I'm sure his agent told him it was likely to happen. I'm sure the team will try to trade him. He won't get too much in arbitration, so he'll still be an attractive piece in a trade. 

I don't think that not offering Raul a contract means much, if they decide they want him they can offer him a free agent contract. But it also might mean they have an idea of who they can get to catch. We have no catchers on the 40-man roster now. 

There is at least one other catcher newly on the market today. The Royals let John Buck go. If you are a fan of bad GM's the Royals are the team for you, he's given Jason Kendall a two year contract worth $6 million. That's just nuts. 

There are also more outfielders available, Ryan Langerhans, Brian Anderson, Ryan Church and Jack Cust were non-tendered. And if you are thinking about another starting pitchers, Chien-Ming Wang was let go by the Yankees.

For a complete list of players non-tendered, MLB Trade Rumors has it here.