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Results from our Hall of Fame Polls

I figured it was time to tally up our Hall of Fame polls. If we were the BBWAA, we would have put 6 players into the Hall. I doubt the writers will do that, but I do like the guys we voted in. Players with more than 5% of the writer's vote get to stay on the ballot another year, my guess is Appier won't get 5% of the real vote; I don't know how he did in our vote. We didn't do polls for Eric Karros, Ray Lankford, Shane Reynolds, David Segui and Todd Zeile. I wouldn't imagine any of them would get 5%. 

Would make the Hall:

Roberto Alomar: 91%

Tim Raines: 89%

Andre Dawson: 83%

Bert Blyleven: 82%

Barry Larkin: 80%

Lee Smith: 77%

Would stay on the Ballot:

Fred McGriff: 72%

Edgar Martinez: 69%

Jack Morris: 67%

Don Mattingly: 54%

Alan Trammell: 50%

Mark McGwire: 48%

Dave Parker: 44%

Dale Murphy: 37%

Harold Baines: 31%

Pat Hentgen: 21%

Andres Galarraga: 16%

Kevin Appier: 8%

Robin Ventura: 8%

Would be removed from the ballot:

Ellis Burks: 2%

Mike Jackson: 1%