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Roy Halladay Going to Philly?

This looks like it might be real....Doc is in Philadelphia and apparently has taken a physical. Looks to be a 3 team deal, they aren't sure who the third team is, maybe Mariners, who would get Lee. Jays might be sending some money with Doc.

Update: Looks like the deal is done. Waiting to see what we get.

Update Again: Mariners are the third team. 

And Again: Cliff Lee's agent says he hasn't heard about the deal from the team.

One more: Jon Heyman twits (I know, but I like this better) that Halladay will agree to the deal with the Phillies, but it not likely to  finalize today.

Yeah yeah, more updates: we apparently are getting Canadian pitcher Phil Aumont and out Dominic Brown. Hopefully others.