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Roy Halladay Trade: Thread Two

Since the first thread is getting pretty long I thought I'd start another thread. Thankfully I'm out for the evening, so I can't obsess about all the rumors. Cause you know I would if I wasn't going out. 

Anyway latest rumors:

  • J.A, Happ, Joe Blanton and Domonic Brown all took physicals today, suggesting they could be part of a trade. I can't think Blanton is coming here but I've been wrong often.
  • Bob Elliot says Phillippe Aumont is not part of the trade. 
  • Kyle Drabek isn't part of the deal. Likely.
  • Aumont (yeah I know contradicts the other rumor) likely and Saunders maybe involved.
  • Travis D'Arnaud and Michael Taylor might be involved.

So really the only thing I know is I'm not involved in the trade. If you come across more rumors tonight, post them in the comments.

Other things did happen today. John Bucks signing is officially announced.

Hideki Matsui was signed by the Angels.

Red Sox and Mike Cameron are talking. And as mentioned before the Red Sox signed John Lackey

If you come across new rumors tonight, post them in the Comm