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Day Two of Roy Halladay Trade Rumors.....

Thought I'd give us a new thread to continue discussing this. 

Please guys let's not have this drag on a week before it's official. I know Rome wasn't built in a day but could this trade be finished in two or three days. 

So there is nothing much really new other than it's being Twittered all over that the Jays are flipping Michael Taylor for Brett Wallace from the A's. I was really looking forward to seeing Taylor in the outfield. Not sure I understand the point of getting Wallace, who looks like someone that will have to move to first base. I was hoping we were going to give Brian Dopirak a shot at first if Lyle is moved. And without Taylor we still have a gaping hole in RF. I was really hoping we were doing something that would stop Cito from using Bautista in RF this year. Wallace better be an amazing bat. 

Jon Heyman says the Halladay extension is done, 3 years and one vesting option year. So things should be moving forward. 

In other news the Red Sox signed Mike Cameron for 2 years and $15 million. Seems like a lot. So looks like Jason Bay won't be back there. If Cameron plays center and Ellsbury left they should have a much better outfield defense, but might cost them a bit of offense.