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Week 14 NFL Pool Results

A better week for most, expect for me. I was the loser this time with only 7 of 16 right. This week's winner is Jlahey, after a couple of weeks of coming in last, he got 12 of 16. Congratulations, you should have had money on it this week.

I'm afraid this will be the last week for the pool this season. We are leaving for a couple of weeks of warmth on Sunday. Hugo will keep the site hopping and I've got a couple of things scheduled to come up while I'm gone, so you won't miss me (like you would anyway). As always if there is something you want to talk about, you can use the fanposts and fanshots. 

I'm glad the Jays thought of me and got the Halladay trade done before I left. Very considerate of them.