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NFL Pool Week 12 Results and Week 13 Spreads

Week 12's winner was Jessef won got 10 of 16 right, though he did pick Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup, but then he can be forgiven since he lives on the other side of the border. That has to be the dumbest end to a football game that I've ever seen. Reminds me of Don Cherry losing the Stanley Cup on a too many men on the ice penalty. I suppose if you can't count, you don't deserve to win. This week's low scores were Jlahey and Craig in Calgary with 6 of 16.

Congratulations Jesse.

This week's pool, there is a Thursday game again this week, so send me your picks and your guess for total points scored in the Monday game before the start of the game Thursday.

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
12/3 8:20 ET NY Jets -3.5 At Buffalo
12/6 1:00 ET Denver -4.5 At Kansas City
12/6 1:00 ET At Pittsburgh -13.5 Oakland
12/6 1:00 ET At Jacksonville -0.5 Houston
12/6 1:00 ET At Indianapolis -6.5 Tennessee
12/6 1:00 ET Philadelphia -5.5 At Atlanta
12/6 1:00 ET At Cincinnati -13.5 Detroit
12/6 1:00 ET New Orleans -9.5 At Washington
12/6 1:00 ET At Carolina -6.5 Tampa Bay
12/6 1:00 ET At Chicago -8.5 St. Louis
12/6 4:05 ET San Diego -13.5 At Cleveland
12/6 4:15 ET At Seattle -0.5 San Francisco
12/6 8:20 ET Minnesota -3.5 At Arizona
12/6 4:15 ET Dallas -1.5 At NY Giants
12/6 1:00 ET New England -4.5 At Miami


Monday Night Football Point Spread

12/7 8:35 ET At Green Bay -3.5 Baltimore