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News on Injured Pitchers

Jordan Bastian shared a few comments from Alex Anthopoulos about some of our injured pitchers on twitter:

  • Shawn Marcum is healthy, ready to go and might be cleared to take a full workload next season.
  • Jesse Litsch will be out till July.
  • They are unsure about Dustin McGowan, he was shut down in October.
  • The Jays are looking to pick someone up in the Rule 5 Draft. They have 11th pick. The 40-man roster is full so someone would have to be dropped if they were to pick someone up.

The Rule 5 draft takes place during the Winter Meetings, which start next week. The Jays picked up Willie Upshaw, George Bell and Kelly Gruber that way, so it is possible to find talent in the draft, but it doesn't happen often.

Great news about Marcum. Personally I'd be surprised if Litsch is back to the Jays till nearer the end of the season.