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Who Could Be On Our Prospect List: GCL Blue Jays

Continuing our look at players that could make our prospect list, we'll take a look at guys that played for our Gulf Coast League Blue Jays. Previously we've looked at players that were on last years list: 1-1011-20 and 21-30. Then we looked at players that could make the list who played in Las Vegas or New HampshireDunedinLansing and Auburn. Next we will look at guys that could make the list that weren't in any of the other posts, mostly guys that have become part of the Jay's organization in the last little while. Then in January we'll start putting together our new list.

GCL Blue Jays that could make our prospects list:

Carlos Perez:  Just turned 19 years old, had a good season with the GCL Blue Jays hitting .291/.364/.433 in 43 games of Rookie League ball. Signed as a minor league free agent from Venezuela, young to be considered a prospect till he shows us a bit more but everyone seems to like him. Rookie League is a long way from the Majors but he has as good a shot as anyone to make the team in a few years time.

Gustavo Pierre: Signed as a free agent from the Dominican in July 2008, played SS with the GCL Jays, hitting .259/.272/.431 with 4 homers and 4 triples. He's still just 17. A big guy at 6'2" some folks think he'll end up in the outfield. Likely too soon to put him on prospect list but maybe in a year or two.

Oliver Dominguez: Third year in Jays organization and he's just at GCL. 20 years old, plays second. Didn't hit at all last season .225/.297/.331, but hit better in 2008 in the DSL, .305/.404/.466. The only reason I list him is he had 12 steals and wasn't caught, but would have to do something special next year to move onto the prospects lists.

Matt Fields: 22nd round pick in this year's draft out of Gonzaga University, pitched very well in the Gulf Coast League: 51.2 innings, 35 hits, 6 walks, 54 strikeouts and a 1.22 ERA. 52 innings isn't enough to make a 22nd round choice a prospect but a 9 to 1 K to walk rate is a pretty good start to a pro career.  22 so would have to move up quick.

Carlos Pina: Left handed minor league free agent signing in 2008, moved from the DOSL to the GSL and had a very good season there a 1.57 ERA in 51.2 innings, 46 hits 35 K. Down side is he had 14 unearned runs and just 9 earned. Just 19, a long way from the majors.

Nestor Molina: Until last year both batted and pitched, last year he switched to just pitching. He was mostly a reliever, started a couple of games. Pitched very well in the Gulf Coast league and moved up to Auburn near the end of the year.  Between the 2 he had a 1.67 ERA in 43 innings with 38 strikeouts and 5 walks. Right hander, will be 21 in January.  

Dennis Tepera: Drafted in the 19th round last year, right hander that pitched very well in his first taste of pro ball, 1.72 ERA in 36.2 innings, struck out 42, walked just 4. Not a prospect yet but a good start. 22 now.

Shawn Griffith: Picked in the 37th round of the 2009 draft, also did well in first taste of pro ball. College kids have a head start in Rookie League. Moved up to Auburn at the end of the season, 33.2 total innings, 0.53 ERA, just 13 hits and 52 strikeouts. Will see what he does next year in A-ball.