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Marco Scutaro Signs With Red Sox.

Well this makes me sad, even though I knew it was coming, I really liked Macro. He seemed to have a lot of fun playing the game. I guess we'll all always remember him taking second base on the walk. I liked watching him kiss his bat after a home run or hug his teammates when they hit homers. Before the season I wasn't thrilled with the idea of Marco leading off, but he sure took to the job. He took a lot of pitches and let his teammates see what the pitcher had that game.

Apparently he is getting a two year contract with a mutual option for a third year. Sounds like a good deal for both parties, though not sure what the dollars will be yet. Good news for us is that we should be getting 2 draft picks from the Red Sox, provided the Sox don't do something silly like sign Matt Holliday.

The Red Sox really needed a good shortstop and have done well picking Scoot. I like him a lot and will wish him the best, but I can't cheer for him anymore if he's going to be a member of the Red Sox. I hope being around those jerks doesn't turn him into one himself.