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His Goal in Life Was to Be an Echo: Ramon Castro Not a Jay, Wednesday Timbits

So, remember back in mid-December when the Jays signed catcher Ramon Castro, which seemed to set up a three-catcher battle (Castro, John Buck, and Raul Chavez) for two spots behind the plate? 

Well, it turns out that the Jays never actually signed Castro, according to the Fan's Mike Wilner:

It turns out that the power-hitting back-up catcher who everyone reported that the Blue Jays had signed earlier this month is still a free agent.  The Jays never did sign him, despite getting involved in negotiations with him.  I’m not sure how or why it fell through, or if it even got close enough to reach the point where one can even accurately say that it "fell through", but it didn’t happen.  Right now, John Buck is the Jays’ starting catcher, and Raul Chavez will be his back-up.

I have to say, I am somewhat hoping that the Jays decide to sign Castro after all, though Wilner makes it seem as though that ship has sailed.  Not that he's amazing, but he is respectable on both sides of the ball and is at least as good as the catchers who have gotten two-year deals.  His bat's got some pop and while he won't hit for a high average, he's patient enough to not be an out-machine, at least, for a backstop. 

In some other Jays news, General Manager Alex Anthopolous is getting married on Saturday and is then off to Hawaii for 10 days.  While Wilner writes that this won't stop AA from wheeling and dealing, my guess is that Mrs. Anthopolous-to-be has different thoughts about that, at least regarding any major moves.  A minor move is certainly a possibility, though.  Congrats to AA and his bride!

Finally, tomorrow is your last chance to vote for Tom Cheek (there's also a link right on the sidebar, just click on Tom's smiling face) for the Hall of Fame's Ford Frick award.  While Cheek has all but clinched the final ballot, it'd be nice to make sure he comes in first and by as big a margin as possible, so vote now!