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Hall of Fame Poll: Barry Larkin

I had been putting up a poll for each player listed on the Hall of Fame ballot, but I'm going to skip a couple now. Eric Karros wasn't a terrible player, he had 5 seasons with 30+ homers and drove in 100 runs 5 times but couldn't hit a lefty at all and doesn't have a very impressive batting line .268/.325/.454. 284 homers and 1027 RBI in a 14 year career is good but doesn't scream Hall of Fame.

Similarly, Ray Lankford had a good career, 14 years, 238 homers, 874 RBI, 968 runs and 258 stolen bases. But his hitting line .272/.349/.477 isn't terribly impressive. While he wouldn't be the worst player in the Hall, he might be the worst one not elected by the Veteran's Committee. For a half-hearted attempt to sell Lankford as a Hall of Famer, see this post from Viva El Birdos.

So let's skip ahead to Barry Larkin. Barry had a 19 year career, all with the Cincinnati Reds. A very good defensive shortstop he put up some terrific numbers with the bat as well. 2340 hits, 198 homers, 76 triples, 1329 runs, 960 RBI and 379 steals. He was NL MVP once, Gold Glover 3 times, 12 times an All-Star and 9 times a Silver Slugger. He was twice to the World Series, on the winning team once. He has tremendous playoff numbers, hitting .338/.397/.465 in 17 play off games. The shortstop position is under represented in the Hall, but playing for the same, small market team his whole career might hurt his chances in the Writers vote.