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Friday Bantering: Joe Inglett, Gregg Zaun and Tom Cheek

Continuing the trend of losing players I like, the Texas Rangers have picked Joe Inglett up off waivers. Joe was terrific in 2008 filling in at 2nd showing hustle and you know, grittiness and all those terms that sports writers like to use when they like a player better than he's really worth. I like him more than he is worth too, but playing outfield last year was too much for his limited offensive skills. It does make me a little sad but Mike McCoy looks like the same sort of player and might have more upside.

Another former favorite, former Jay Gregg Zaun has signed with the Milwaukee Brewers. The Z-man will make $1.9 million next year and there is a team option for $2.25 for 2011. Not bad money, but he'll bring the Z-game. Our options for catcher are slowly dwindling. 

I'm slow on this, but it is that time of year again when we all should be voting for Tom Cheek to be considered for the Ford C. Flick Award. Digressing some Flick is one of those words that Marvel comics doesn't allow their writers to use, as the L and the I can join together with the cheap printing that comics use and then they can get in trouble for having a bad word. 

Anyway, the voting is on Facebook this year, I'm not sure why, but if you have a Facebook account you can go vote for Cheek here. If you don't have a Facebook account (I can understand why not, it seems like a great waste of time) signup for one so you can vote for him, you can delete it after the vote. Heck you can even add me to your friends so you can find out exciting things like 'it is snowing'. You can vote daily, so give him your vote once a day until the poll closes. 

Cheek, at the moment, is trailing former Expo radio voice Jacques Doucet by 20 votes. It really is a shame that Cheek isn't in the Hall yet, he should have been in years ago. If the Hall finally gets it right and lets Tom in, we would have two Canadian media types winning their in. Bob Elliot is up for the J.G. Spink Award again. Last time around he came second in the voting, this year it's his turn. You can check out Bob's writing at the Toronto Sun website or at the Canadian Baseball Network.