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Hall of Fame Poll:Fred McGriff

The Crime Dog had a 19 year career, the first 5 seasons with the Blue Jays, before being part of the big trade with the Padres for Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter. He had a terrific career, 493 homers, 2490 hits, 1550 RBI and 1305 walks. The walks didn't make him a favorite with manager Cito Gaston, who felt he should have been more aggressive at the plate, but it is hard to complain about a guy that averages 102 RBI and 32 homers per 162 games of his career. His career batting line was .284/.377/.509. His career numbers are here.

He played for 6 different teams, won a World Series and lost a World Series. He had great playoff numbers, .303/.385.532 with 10 home run in 50 playoff games. And he's number 22 on our Top 50 Jays list.