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Hall of Fame Poll: Dale Murphy

How many guys start their major league career as a catcher then become a Gold Glove center fielder? He is another guy that in the middle of his career folks thought he was a sure thing Hall of Famer. He was NL MVP two years in a row, All-Star 6 years straight and 7 of 8 years, Gold Glove 5 years straight, 218 homers over 6 years. But he turned 32 and couldn't hit anymore.

Still it was a good career, 18 seasons, 398 home runs, 1266 RBI, 161 steals and a .265/.346/.469 batting line. Yet in his second year on the ballot in 2000 he got 23.2% and that was his high water mark. He is running out of chances, this is his 12th time on the ballot.