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Hall of Fame Poll: Lee Smith

I'm going to skip a couple of players again, Shane Reynolds was a good pitcher but a fair bit short of a Hall of Fame type and David Segui is a player I really liked and he was an Expo, for the best seasons of his career and a Blue Jay for a few moments. He had a really good career but he isn't a hall of Fame type.

Lee Smith was a big intimidating fellow, he had a great career 18 year career as a closer. He had 478 career save, 3rd on the all-time list, which of course is his strongest case for making the Hall. He had a 3.03 ERA in 1022 games pitched, only 6 of which were starts, was a 7 time All-Star and struck out 1251 batters in 1289.1 innings.

Lee has been on the ballot 7 times and has received about 40 of the vote each year. He's a tough one. If Smith isn't a Hall of Fame closer, then are there any closers that deserve to be in the Hall?