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Late Night Bantering

Not much for big news. Rod Barajas turned down arbitration, to the surprise of no one. The one that did surprise me was that Carl Pavano did accept arbitration with the Twins.  I thought he was looking for a 2 year deal. 

Fabio Castro who spent last year playing for Las Vegas was signed by the Red Sox today, he will apparently have a shot at making the bullpen there

Ivan Rodriguez signed a two year contract with the Nationals for $6 million. The number of catchers out there for the Jays to sign keeps dropping. 

Alex Anthopoulos talked about the possibility of a three way deal for Roy Halladay which makes some sense since it might be hard to find a team that wants to trade for Doc that wouldn't want to drop some salary to make room for him, while I doubt the Jays would want to pick up a lot of salary. 

Speaking of three way deals, the Tigers, Yankees and Diamondback were talking a deal:

The deal would send Curtis Granderson to the Yanks, along with a prospect or two from the D'Backs. Arizona would obtain Edwin Jackson from the Tigers and Ian Kennedy from the Yankees. The Tigers would obtain Max Scherzer from the D'Backs and Austin Jackson, Phil Coke and Michael Dunn from the Yanks.

Trouble with trying to hit on a three way deal is that there is an extra party to get cold feet.