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Hall of Fame Poll: Alan Trammell

Alan Trammell is another player that you can make a case for the Hall. A shortstop who played with the Tigers for 20 years. Great fielder, mid-range power and speed and a good bat. 2365 hits, 185 homers, 1003 RBI and 236 steals with a .285/.352/.415. He made the All-Star team 6 times, 4 Gold Gloves and 3 Silver Slugger awards. He also was the World Series MVP in 1984 when the Tigers won the Series. Click here to see his career numbers. He teamed with Lou Whitaker to make a great double play tandems.

He hasn't done well in the voting in his 8 previous changes on the ballot, getting around 15% of the vote each time. Likely part of his problem getting votes is that he did everything pretty well abut nothing great enough for voters to latch on to as a reason to vote him in.