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Hall of Fame Poll: Robin Ventura

Robin Ventura had a good, 16 year MLB career. He hit 294 homers, drove in 1182, would take a walk, 1075 in his career. Batting line of .267/.362/.444 in 2079 games. 6 Gold Gloves and 2 All-Star teams. A good player, likely short of a HAll of Fame career, though the Hall is a bit short on third basemen, I wouldn't guess that Ventura is the best one that's not in. Ron Santo maybe?

This is finally the end of the polls, I'm going to skip Todd Zeile, he was a good third baseman for 16 years too but a step or two down from Ventura. 253 home runs is good, a batting line of .265/.346/.423 is less good and he really was never thought of as the best 3B of his time, or anything close to that. Never hit .300 or led the league in any offensive stat.

So if you haven't voted on all the polls go through them in the next day and we'll post the results in a couple of days.