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Jays talking to Pirates about Doumit

Dejan Kovacevic says the Jays and Pirates are discussing Ryan Doumit, which is something we've been hoping for for a while now. But this part is interesting:

Another source says to watch for hard-throwing reliever Jeremy Accardo being involved in these talks, though that is unconfirmed. The source says the Blue Jays might be looking to move Accardo because he could be non-tendered Friday.

I wouldn't think Accardo would be enough to get Doumit by himself, but if we are thinking of not offering him a contract, we might as well see if we can throw him into a trade. 

In other catcher news, MLB Trade Rumors has a story from Troy Renck of the Denver Post saying we are one of 5 teams interested in Yorvit Torrealba.

The Tigers have signed former Jay catcher prospect Robinzon Diaz

And Bob Elliot has twittered that Billy Madden of the New York Daily New has won the Taylor Spink award. Elliot was up for the award himself and he came in second in the voting last year. Wait until next year.