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Wednesday Bantering: Winter Meetings Day 3

There isn't all that much for news or rumors yet this morning, other than the Yankees have resigned Andy Pettitte for $11.75 million for a year, what that means about the Yankees' interest in Roy Halladay, I don't know but likely improves the Yankees' trading position. And Cito Gaston has arrived at the Winter Meetings. That ought to mean we should get some interesting quotes later in the day.

So far there has only been one really major trade, the big three way deal that got the Yankees a good center fielder. It does bring up the question of how the Yankees can put together complicated trade in first day and a half of the meetings while after a couple of months the Jays are still having 'preliminary talks' about a Roy Halladay trade? I'm all for taken your time and getting the best deal you can but at some point your possible trading partners have to make other plans. Or perhaps one would take a player that you were looking at to be part of a trade and use him in a different trade with another team.

I know, taking your time is a good thing, but let's start pushing forward on it. I'm tired of talking about it. 

Something else I find strange is this story from MLB Daily Dish, the Yankees received the first pick in the Rule 5 Draft from Washington for Brian Bruney. Is there someone the Yankees want to pick up in that draft? You would have to think so if they traded for the first pick, but teams like the Yankees rarely want to give up a roster spot to hold a player picked in that draft. Is there a really good player available? I guess we'll find out at the end of the week.