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Community Projection: Travis Snider

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I did not, as I was finishing up a 1,700-page brief (not including attachments/exhibits) and had to work.  I did get to enjoy the great weather by running the 8 miles to work both days, though, and we filed yesterday, so that's good.

Anyway, the Jays have stated that they're committed to playing Travis Snider this season, and playing him everyday.  As we've discussed before, the various projection systems can't agree whether the 21-year old (happy birthday!) would be terrible, would tread water, or would be a productive player as a regular this season.  I know his BABIP was unsustainably high in his cup of coffee last season, but I also think he showed a mature approach at the plate and I like to think he will hold his own in his first big-league season.  His hurdle to overcome, at least at first,  will be his ability to make contact. 

Anyhow, Snider looks poised to be the everyday leftfielder.  What are the site's expectations for his performance: plate appearances, AVG/OBP/SLG line, fielding runs above average (for the uninitiated, 0: average, 5: good, 10: very good; 15 gold glove worthy; 20 all-time greatness), and any other counting stats (HR, doubles) you want to project.