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Bits of News on a Wednesday

Cross another little pipe dream off our list, Bobby Abreu has signed with the Angels for one year and $5 million. It seems like more money than I was expecting him to get this summer.

Former Jay Roberto Alomar is being sued by a former girlfriend for having unprotected sex with her inspite of knowing he had AIDS. Ummmm yeah, well now I feel silly about calling Alex Rodriguez a scum, because well, now using the term on Roberto makes it this seem trivial, and this isn't trivial. This is, if true, criminal. Beyond that, well if true, the guy is a large enough creep to make ARod seem like a wonderful guy.

Beyond that there are 3552 opinions out there about ARod, he's gone back to his wife, his contract won't be voided and just about anything else that could be said about the man.

Also there is a rumor that Ichiro could pitch for Japan in the World Baseball Classic. Yeah, that will happen.

Boy I can't wait for actual baseball to actually happen.

Update: noted baseball hater Adam Dunn has signed with the Nationals, 2 years and $20 million. More money than I figured him going for.