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Rookie of the Year Poll

Since there is a lack of Jay news today and I really don't have it in me to talk about how stupid it is that Bud Selig is considering punishing ARod and asterisks and all, being as he is such a hypocrite about the whole steroid issue. A few years back he was trying to deny the problem and tell us how wonderful Mark McGwire was.

So I thought we'd put up a poll for people to give their best guess for who will be AL Rookie of the year this season. Some of the main candidates:

David Price, pitcher, Tampa Bay. You guys likely know enough about him already.

Travis Snider, Toronto. If you don't know about Moonraker by now you haven't been to this site nearly often enough.

Taylor Teagarden, C, Texas. Teagarden is one of several really good young catchers the Rangers have. He was slowed some by injuries last season.

Matt Wieters, C, Baltimore. Really good looking young player for the Orioles. Just one season in professional ball but the O's traded Ramon Hernandez to open space for him. And then signed Zaun back him up.

Chris Getz, 2B, White Sox. The Sox moved Alexei Ramirez to short to open a hole for Getz. Not much for power but gets on base well.

Koji Uehara. P, Orioles. 33 year old starter, the Orioles starting staff is pretty thin and he is am 8 time Japanese All-Star. In Japan he walked just 1.1 per 9 innings.

Elvis Andrus, SS, Texas. The Rangers have moved Michael Young off short for him, so he's going to play. 53 steals last year in AA.

Brett Cecil, P, Toronto. Yeah he's gotta win a role on the team, but he's as good a prospect as David Price in Tampa Bay. If he wins a job I'm expecting him to be very good, but I'd like to see him stretch out his innings pitched in Vegas this year.

I am sure there are other good choices but got to stop somewhere, you can use the comments to point out the ones I've missed.