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Baseball Prospectus Top 100 Prospects

Baseball Prospectus has released their Top 100 Prospects list and even though we don't have the top spot, Matt Wieters is number 1 and David Price is number 2, but we do have 4 players on the list, showing that our farm system is improving.

Number 5 on BP's list is Travis Snider and as our poll shows we are expecting a great rookie season from Moonraker. Down at 41st on the list is JP Arencibia. I doubt he'll make the team out of spring training but I'd be surprised if he isn't called up if/when Barajas goes down with injury.

David Cooper is down at 88th on the list. He needs another year in the minors but he'll be a great replacement for Overbay at first base in 2010 and beyond. Brett Cecil is number 90 on their list. I hope the Jays can allow him to stretch out the number of innings he can give us in Triple A this year, maybe come up for a few starts late in the season. I don't trust Cito to be careful with his arm. It does surprise me that he is so far below David Price on the list as I think he's every bit the prospect Price is, but then Price did play in the playoffs last season.

Anyway the 4 Jays in their 100 are the top 4 guys on our prospect list, though we have Cecil number 2 on our list. It is nice to see that we are producing some players worth getting exited about.