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Bits on a Sunday

The lack of Jay's news sure shows in the Toronto news papers, Richard Griffin has the news flash that Roy Halladay is a good guy and works hard in camp. has a story saying Travis Snider might not make the team. Yeah right. It the man goes 0 for spring training he will make the team. I love this quote:

Ricciardi added that it is "definitely" possible that the Blue Jays may determine that Snider would benefit from more seasoning at Triple-A Las Vegas to open the year. One reason Toronto signed veteran Kevin Millar to a Minor League contract was to help forge a contingency plan in case Snider doesn't head north with the Jays.

If we go into the season with Kevin Millar as our full time DH or left fielder.......hmmmmm I really should have thought of an ending for that before I started it. Let's just say I can't believe even JP thinks we can go into the season with Millar having a full time job.

Over in the Toronto Star Garth Woolsey is saying that Bud Selig reputation is 'smudged' by the steroid issues. And, well, he is right, but have you ever seen someone that could care less about his reputation. He goes thru his career as commissioner screwing things up and yet they are paying him $18.3 million.

Selig and the owners buried their heads in the sand for years other the steroid issue. Bud couldn't get his picture taken with Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa often enough back in the day, telling everyone how great they were then he acts surprised that other players would use steroids. You'd think sooner or later he'd catch onto what a hypocrite he was being.

Selig has suggested he'd also like to strip Barry Bonds of the home run title and give it back to Hank Aaron. But even Hammerin' Hank thinks that's goofy – would rewrites of the record book ever end?

Doesn't Selig get it that he'd have to strip Mark McGwire's name from the record book too? Oh well maybe we can just remove everything from Bud Selig's time as commish from our memories.

Baseball Prospectus has a list of managers most likely to be fired this season. I guess it won't surprise anyone that Cito's name isn't on the list. Cito definitely has a 'get thru the season free card'. JP on the other hand.......

10 more days till Spring Training games start. Can't wait! Glad I got the Sports Illustraited Swim Suit issue in the mail the other day to past the time away.