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Aaron Hill Franchise Player?

Yesterday I was watching TSN SportsCentre and they did a nice profile on Aaron Hill who is a great story this spring, everybody is interested in seeing if he is better. Among the things they said is that he has been working out in the weight room and he's a few pounds heavier, which sounds good, I am hoping he'll have good season and finish around 20 home runs. No matter how he hits it will be great to see his glove back in the middle of our infield.

But, in the introduction to the piece, anchor Holly Horton called him a franchise player. Now I don't mean to rag on her, I don't know if she wrote her copy, but franchise player? Aaron Hill? Aaron is a fine player, great defense, decent bat.  But isn't he like 7th or 8th on the list of who our franchise player might be.

Now obviously any discussion of who the Jay's franchise player is has to begin and end with Roy Halladay. Though since I'm looking for something to write about we won't end with Doc. IF we ignored Doc who is the franchise player? Has to be Vernon Wells right? Vernon has driven in over 100 runs 3 times for us and has the huge contract.

Who else ranks ahead of Hill? Rios for sure. Snider? Well, maybe not at the moment but I'm pretty sure by the end of the year we'll be ranking him ahead of Hill on the 'Franchise Player' list. Scott Downs? Man has he been amazing the last couple of seasons for us. He is a player wouldn't want to do without.

I would think that Hill would fit in with Rolen, Overbay, Lind, Litsch, Ryan and likely three or four other guys that we are hoping will have a good season but we would never consider a franchise player.

Anyway, I really shouldn't get on Holly Horton for two words in a nice story, since who knows if she wrote it, but can we watch the hyperbola just a little bit? It is great to hear that Hill has been symptom free for the last while, that he is in good shape and that he expects to have a good season. That's enough; we don't have to make him out to be more than he is.