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Happy Birthday Alex Rios and John Mayberry

Today is Alex Rios' 28th birthday, not to put any pressure on the guy but 28 is the age where a lot of players have their career year. And we need a career year out of him. I think there is reason to believe it will happen, he slugged .540 after the All-Star break last year. I am hoping that having Cito working with him right thru spring training will have him ready for big things. Cito figures he could be a 30/30 guy this year. I don't care so much about the 30 steals, though I wouldn't complain, but I'd love to see the 30 home runs. There is a longer profile on Rios from our Top 50 Jay list, where he is number 30.

And John Mayberry turns 60 today. John came to the Jays in our second season and was one of our first star players. A big slugging left-handed first baseman, he hit 255 home runs in his career, 92 of them with the Jays. Mayberry had been an All-Star with the Kansas City Royals before joining the Jays. In 1975 he came in second in the MVP balloting as a Royal. For a longer profile, John was number 41 on our Top 50 Jays list.

So happy birthday to both of them.