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Bits on a Thursday

Six days from the first spring training game!

Over at Baseball-Intellect (a really interesting website) they have their Top-15 Blue Jays Prospects with very well done scouting reports and video of some of the players, including a great play by Justin Jackson from the Midwest League All-Star game. The top 5 are here and 6 thru 15 are here. Take a look.

Mike Maroth is apparently going to try to pitch thru his knee troubles. I didn't think Maroth had much of a chance the make the team before this but now there is far less of a chance, why would you take on a marginal player that is likely to need surgery in the near future. The story also mentions that Brian Burres and Reid Santos have been outrighted to Las Vegas opening two spots on the 40 man roster. Wonder if the spots are for Michael Barrett and Kevin Millar?

Baseball Prospectus has their list of free agent signing mistakes. Since we didn't sign anyone to a major league contract we aren't on the list. But the worst contract of the winter, in their opinion, is the Yankees signing of AJ Burnett. They might be right but I think comparing his signing to Carl Pavano might be a big of an over statement. The list is here.

And the cousin that ARod said injected him with steroids actually exists! I don't really have much to say about Rodriguez' performance the other day. My only question is: Does an apology count if you lie all the way thru it? Does anyone really believe he would inject something into his body monthly for 3 years without knowing exactly what it was?

Today's feel good profile? Lyle Overbay. He is expecting a good season being a year further removed from a broken hand.

Manager Cito Gaston compares Overbay to another Jays first baseman, John Olerud. Gaston would like to see Lyle become more consistently aggressive on good pitches to hit, even if they are early in the count. Overbay concurs.

Of course it doesn't mention that Cito didn't like Olerud. Oh well.