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Pitchers For the First Spring Games

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To paraphrase Tom Selleck in Mr. Baseball, actual baseball is actually going to happen this week. The Globe's Jeff Blair has the planned pitchers for the first couple of spring games. Halladay will pitch Saturday.

Wednesday Brett Cecil starts and Rickey Romero, BJ Ryan, Brian Burres and Rick Bauer are scheduled to pitch. I hope there is a way we can see this game, I'd like to watch Cecil.

Thursday Scott Richmond is to start and Ken Takahashi, Bryan Bullington, Luiz Perez Bill Mruphy and Fabio Castro are to pitch.

Blair also noted that Takahashi hasn't looked good throwing BP:

Takahashi, the long-shot from Japan, threw live BP Sunday and didn't miss any  bats, but manager Cito Gaston said he threw the ball better “as far as velocity goes.” Hmm. The most velocity I saw off one of his pitches was when Johnny Mac knocked if off the outfield fence ...

Doesn't sound good if Johnny Mac can take you deep.