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Jays Lose Wells for a Month With Strained Hammy

Fresh off news about how Vernon Wells was utilizing a personal trainer and new workout regimen to ensure that he stays healthy this season, the news comes out that Wells has a strained hamstring and will miss about a month.

Wells also needs an MRI to determine the extent of the damage (a strain is actually just a minor tear) so the month figure is preliminary.    A month would mean Wells could be back for the start of the season.  The hamstring is the same one he hurt last season, and that screams "problem" because it is happening many months later. 

If anyone had illusions about this being a healthy season for the Jays, oh well.  This really gets to something I've been thinking for quite some time - Wells is carrying a lot of body around centerfield and has put an awful lot of mileage on those legs over the past many years.  To avoid these recurring leg problems, the Jays should consider having he and Rios split centrefield duties this season.  Wells has the arm to play rightfield, or he could DH against lefties and it wouldn't be a demotion if it was sold as just a way to keep both players fresh. 

That said, if this is the worst injury of spring training, that woulnd't be so bad.  We'll just have to wait and hope it's not worse than initially thought.