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Little Darling, It's Been a Long, Cold, Lonely Winter - Game Thread: Spring Training Game 1

Today's quote, from "Here Comes the Sun," a great George Harrison song off Abbey Road that seemed to fit given our conversation about Harrison the other day. It's still winter, true, but it's pretty exciting that Spring Training games are now underway. 

Today's game kicks off at 1 p.m. EST.  Excitingly, not-even-rookie Brett Cecil will make the start for the Jays and is slated to pitch two innings for our Corvid heroes.  Also scheduled to pitch are closer B.J. Ryan, who talked recently about how his slider was a mess last season and is excited about having the pitch back for this year,   I have to say, it's a luxury to have a closer who felt like he had such a tough season last year and was still able to put up the numbers that Ryan did.  A return to 2006 levels wouldn't shock me for Beej as his control improves and he gets his slider back.  After Ryan, we're likely to see (or hear, I'll be at work) Rick Bauer, Ricky Romero, and Brian Burress.

  Here is how the Jays lineup is likely to look:

3B - Joe Inglett

2B - Aaron Hill

RF - Alex Rios

1B - Kevin Millar

DH - Adam Lind

C - Rod Barajas

LF - Travis Snider

CF - Buck Coats

SS - John MacDonald

Cito also mentioned that he plans to get Adam Loewen a lot of playing time.  Scott Richmond, who leaves soon for the WBC, will get the start tomorrow, while Matt Clement will start Friday. 

So,  if you're around at all today, drop by and celebrate one of the great days of the year for us baseball-philes.  Cheers!