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Wells Says Hamstring Injury Not Serious

Vernon Wells feels like his hamstring injury isn't too serious and he'll be ready to return in a couple of weeks, he told reporters:"I don’t think it’s that big of a deal," Wells said Tuesday. "It’s something that if I needed to get through it now, I could. But this time of the year, it’s just basically get healthy and get ready for the season."

I hope Wells takes the time he needs to get the hammy healthy; the last thing the Jays need is for him to injure it more seriously and have it become a recurring problem or sideline him for significant time during the season. 

In another story I found interesting, Corey Koskie is feeling healthy and is playing for Canada in the WBC, hoping to show he is healthy and can handle major-league duty again.  Listening to some of his comments, it is amazing how closely they parallel some of the things we've heard Aaron Hill say: 

Another type of injury and a player is in a cast, everybody says, ‘Well, he’s hurt.’

"But if I would go to the ballpark and joke around with the guys a little bit, they’d say, ‘What’s wrong with this guy, he should be playing.’ "

I always felt like Koskie got a bit of a raw deal in Toronto (he didn't force the Jays to sign him to that contract) and liked him as a player and a guy.  I really hope he is healthy and is able to latch on somewhere.