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Welcome Yahoo! Folks



SB Nation has a new partnership agreement with Yahoo! Sports. So what does this mean for us? Well, if you go to the Toronto Blue Jay's page on Yahoo! you will see links to our site and some of our recent stories. The hope is that it will also mean more traffic for us and all the SB Nation sites.

So Hugo and I, your hosts in this little corner of the internet, want to welcome the folks coming over from Yahoo! as well as other new folks where ever you come from.  Our numbers have been climbing over the winter, which surprises me because there hasn't been much Jay news this off-season. For the new folks I'm going to spend a few paragraphs pointing out the features of our site.

First of all there are the posts, of course, that run down the middle of the page. Hugo and/or I generally put up something just about every day, sometimes we if there is more news we get a few posts up in a day and of course sometimes we'll miss a day, we do have lives outside of this. If you have time, take a look thru some of our recent posts. There is a button at the bottom of the page titled ‘Explore Full Archive' which you can hit to see all the posts in our little history, but there are a lot of posts there.

I'll point of some recent posts that show what we do around here. Hugo and I did a series of posts we called the Dangling Conversation over the off-season discussing what we felt were the important questions for the Jays for next season. The last of those is here, and you can find links to the others from that.  Hugo did a series of posts discussing the pitchers battling for a spot in the starting rotation here, here and here.  We have a Community Projection series going to allow members to project how they think the players on the Jays will perform this season. Hugo also did a Top 30 Jays Prospect List with profiles for each of the players on the list, 1 to 10 are here and you can find links to the other 2 segments on that page.  We also have a Top 50 All-Time Greatest Jays list, with profiles for each player that is still continuing (if I find a free moment to write the next one) for those of you interested in the history of the Jays.

In the near future we plan on: doing detailed previews of our AL East opponents, continuing our Community Projections, continuing our 50 Greatest Jays list, doing GameThreads for some of the Jay spring games and some of the World Baseball Classic games (more on GameThreads later in this post), plus, of course, posting about any news coming out of spring training, including our soon to be announced signing of Manny Ramirez (yeah right, that falls under the heading of pipe dream).

Comments section:

To me, one of the best parts about our site is the comments area. We tend to nice level of conversation in the comment section.  Often, to me, the posts are just the starting points for a conversation.  So join in.  To join in you either have to become a member of our little site or, if you are have a Yahoo! ID you can sign in using that. Joining us isn't that hard. There is a button at the top right hand corner of this page, hit it, pick a screen name, answer a handful of question and you are a member. Don't worry we won't try to sell you anything. After you join and sign in you can comment.

A couple of rules about commenting:

1.       No using any of George Carlin's seven words you can't use on TV. If you don't know what George Carlin's seven words are (youth is wasted on the wrong people), no profanity. This will, likely, get your comment deleted and get you a warning.

2.       No personal attacks.  Argue, sure, nothing personal.

3.       Basically, pretend that you are in our living room. Say nothing that you wouldn't say to our face.

Game Threads:

The GameThreads are great fun, basically we sit and watch the games and chat about the game or about anything we feel like. We will have GameThreads for all the Jays regular season games, some of the spring training games and likely all the Team Canada World Baseball Classic games.  Again you have to be a member or use your Yahoo ID, but join in, the threads are great fun.


On the right hand side, down a little ways, there are something we call FanShots. FanShots are short little posts, put up by our members. FanShots are links, quotes, images, videos or lists that members thought we'd be interested and posted.

If you find something you think we all should see there is a button at near the top at the left side of the site that says ‘New FanShot'. Hit that and follow the instructions there. If you need help there are instructions in our ‘Welcome Guide'. If you need more help feel free to send an email to Hugo or I and we'll talk you thru it. Our email addresses can be found in a link at the bottom of the page.

Again don't say anything that you wouldn't say to our face and make sure it relates to the Jays. Stay on topic.


Also along the right hand side there are ‘FanPosts'. FanPosts like FanShots are a way for members to talk about whatever they would like to on the site. FanPosts are intended to be longer than FanShots, I think there is a 75 word minimum on a FanPost. This is where to post your opinions of the Jays or rant or analyse or ever do a book review or whatever you want to share with other Jay fans.

Again, no profanity, keep it on topic and remember we are Jay fans. If you want to say how great the Yankees or Red Sox are.....there are sites on SB Nation for them.  No flaming. No spamming, if you just want to advertise your own website buy an ad.

Breaking these rules will likely get your post deleted and get you a warning or a banning depending on the mood of Hugo and I at the time. But don't worry; in the 8 months I've been on here I think we've banned 2 people and, well, they weren't interested in being a member.

Other Stuff:

Along the right and left-hand sides of the site there are other things to check outs. Ads, of course, SB Nation is a business, but also a news feed of Jay news, a current roster list, links to other Jay blogs, a list of current injured players, division standings when the season gets going, a weekly (or sort of weekly) poll (be sure to vote) and a bunch of other stuff to look at.

So, again, welcome to the site, hope you come back often. Comment, post and enjoy. Remember when you post or comment, that we are Toronto Blue Jay fans. We aren't bandwagon jumpers, we are going to cheer for the Jays win or lose. We may rag on them at times and at team management a lot, but they are our team.