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Quick Recap of The Jays First Spring Game

Our first spring game was a 6-1 loss to the Yankees.

The bad? Well the worst part was we didn't get to see or hear the game, it wasn't on TV and it wasn't on MLB.TV or gameday audio. The other bad,  the offense didn't do much, we got 4 hits: Snider and McDonald each hit a double and Russ Adams and Barajas each picked up a single. Rios hit a sac fly. other than that we did nothing offensively.

Ricky Romero pitched a 3 up 3 down inning then in his second inning he hit a bat, gave up  a single and a home run for 3 earned in 1.2 innings. BJ Ryan gave up two hits before getting the third out of the inning. Ryan doesn't worry me, he's likely just working on pitches. Rick Bauer gave up 3 hits and hit runs in his inning pitched. He wasn't going to make the team anyway.

The good? Brett Cecil gave up a leadoff homer but then pitched 2 innings giving up just 1 walk and getting 4 strikeouts. He didn't hurt his chances of earning the 5th starter job. Brian Burres pitched a shutout inning giving up a hit, a walk and striking out 2. T.J. Beam had 1 scoreless inning giving up 2 hits and striking out two. And two personal favorites Dirk Hayhurst and Robert Ray each pitched a scoreless inning with a strikeout.

I think Cecil is the only player that helped his case to make the team, Ricky Romero may have hurt his chances somewhat. Other than that I hope Hayhurst and Ray bought themselves more chances to impress. I think their best hopes are to make Triple A. I am hoping they will.

On the Yankee side, Brett Gardiner and ARod each hit homers. Nick Swisher was 1 for 1 with 2 walks and Kevin Cash went 2 for 3. All the Yankee pitchers did well, of course last season we could make any pitcher look good.

Tomorrow Scott Richmond starts for the Jays against the Phillies. Tomorrow's game is on Gameday audio on at 1:00 eastern, so at least we will be able to listen to it. I'm hoping Richmond has a good start. He might be allowed to pitch 3 innings as this will be his only start for the Jays before joining Team Canada for the WBC.