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Game Recap, Jays Beat Phillies

One of the things baseball people say about spring training when the pitchers do well is that early on pitchers are ahead of the batters. When the batters do well they say early on the batters are ahead of the pitchers. Today we hit some and pitched well.

Scott Richmond pitched 2 innings of no hit ball with 3 strikeouts. A nice start of the spring for Richmond who will be going off to pitch for Team Canada now. Bryan Bullington and Fabio Castro each gave up a run in the two innings they each pitched, Bullington struck out 4 but gave up 2 hits and 2 walks. Bill Murphy got the win with a perfect inning and Luis Perez and Reid Santos each pitched a scoreless inning to close out the game.

Offensively Moonraker (Travis Snider) and Jason Lane went back-to-back in the 5th and Scott Campbell hit a 3 run double in the 8th. Adam Loewen singled and drove in a run in his 1 at bat. So the offense looked better than yesterday, though the starters didn't do too much. Scutaro and Inglett were 0 for 3. Barrett and David Cooper were 0 for 2 and JP Arencibia was 0 for 4 as DH.

I'm glad Lane hit one out, I'd rather he made the team than the ancient Kevin Millar not that either of them will be of great help to the team. Lane is 32, Millar 37. I guess that isn't that big of a difference, I just see Lane as more useful defensively and figure them to be wash offensively.

Tomorrow the Jays play the Tigers, a game that again will only be on Gameday audio. Matt Clement will make the start for the Jays.