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Game Thread: Spring Training Game 3 - Tigers at Jays

In honour of kiwi Scott Campbell's game winning hit yesterday (a bases-loaded, 3-run double), that's the railway station in Dunedin, New Zealand.  Cool, right?  I'll have lots more pictures of Dunedin, NZ as spring training continues because, well, it's a heck of a lot cooler than anyplace in Florida, no offense to our Floridian readers, Fla. can be quite nice too.

The Jays return to Dunedin today to take on the Detroit Tigers.  Matt Clement will make the start, followed by Brad Mills.  I'll update as info and time permits, and hope to be following the game.  It should be interesting to see what Clement has.  If he can show he's healthy, I think he will have a decent chance of claiming the 5th starter role, since Scott Richmond can be sent to Las Vegas and used as the 6th starter and be useful in that role.  Remember that the Jays will need a 5th starter right away this season.  Of course, that's a huge if for Clement.  We'll have to see.