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Happy Birthday Matt Stairs

It's Matt Stairs 41st birthday today. Matt is on the Team Canada roster for the World Baseball Classic and is on member of the World Champion Phillies after the Jays traded him on August 30th of last year. You had to be glad for him getting a World Series ring after 16 years in the majors.

We signed Matt before the 2007 season and he was terrific for us in 2007 hitting 21 homers in a part time role.He hit .289/.368/.549 which won him a bigger role in 2008 and things didn't go near as well.

Matt has been a favorite of mine for year. A few years ago we were at a Jay's game against the A's. Stairs was in RF for the A's and he was warming up, playing catch with the ball boy right by us. Matt took a few moments to show the young fellow how he should be throwing straight over top and not 3/4 arm so to have better aim on his throws. I was impressed he would take the time to teach a bit.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Matt. Hope you hit get us a few hits in the WBC.