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Things I Don't Want to Hear In Joe Torre's Book

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I took a nice weekend away from home and the computer. I had a good time spending some of it with my son who is away at university, watching football at the bar, some time with my brother and sister and some time reading. I got half a dozen books for Christmas and a couple more for my birthday and since I don't spend enough time reading to get thru these books, never mind the dozens I have around the house that are waiting for me to get around to.

So the plan was to read one of the books I got for Christmas, but I took a wander thru the mall and couldn't just pass by the bookstore. In there I found Joe Torre's book The Yankee Years and well, I gave in to the hype. Actually so far it seems more like Tom Verducci's book but that's fine, he is a good writer. I'm only 140 pages into it but I have found 3 things that I never need to read again.

First of all, from the chapter about steroids, can we make a deal that managers don't try to tell us they didn't know anything about what was happening? The chapter talks about how so many were on players on performance enhancing drugs that it was all over the place, that 10 Yankees were mentioned in the Mitchell Report, and steroid provider Brian McNamee worked for the Yankees and in the Yankee's clubhouse.

So when Torre or for that matter any other manager claims he knew nothing about it, there are only two possibilities, either he is stupid or a liar. I don't know which he would rather us think. But I wish all managers would stop claiming they didn't know. If they are going to say they didn't know anything about it, I'd rather they just say nothing. Don't claim you didn't know anything, we know you are lying.

Same goes for Player's Union Association (they won't use that leftist word union, even when we are negotiating a collective bargaining agreement)  rep David Cone claiming he didn't know about players using. Don't try to tell us that, we aren't all idiots.

Second, I'm tried of people that win the World Series telling us it is because they are better people than the rest of us. Derek Jeter has World Series rings, not because he is a gifted athlete, with great hand eye coordination but because he is a better human being than the rest of us.

And third, I never need to read this ever again:

Donahue would rub hot liniment all over Clemens' body, "from his ankles to his wrists" Then Donahue would rub the hottest possible liniment on his testicles.

That I never want to read or think about again. Ick!