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Community Projection: Aaron Hill

Next up, 2008 casualty Aaron Hill.  Hill had a big 2007, hitting .291/.333/.459, exploding in the power department (an ISO of .168, up from .95 the previous year) and playing gold glove quality defense at second base.  A collision with David Eckstein and ensuing awful parade post-concussion symptoms ended his 2008 after just 200 at-bats but before the injury, this was a guy who took the field every day (160 games in 2007). 

So, what will Hill have to offer for this season:  We're looking for plate appearances, Aaron's AVG/OBP/SLG line, any counting stats you want to project, and fielding runs above average (0 average, 5 good, 10 excellent, 15 gold glove quality, 20 all-time great, and the same in reverse).