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Matty Gaul's 2009 Projected Lineup

After missing all that time earlier in 2008, I just can't stay away from the blog. Here is my prediction for the 2009 Starting Lineup with a small prediction for what:

1) Aaron Hill, Second Base
Hill is looking for a bounce-back season after his post-concussion syndrome ended his 2008 season very early. Look for him to play at almost 100% of what we expect of him. Hill will have less errors in 2009 then what most people expect him to have after last years incident.

2) Travis Snider, Left Field
Snider was a great addition to the club in the games he played in September last year. Snider will struggle early on in the season, but I can see him fiishing with a very respectable .285 average in his rookie season.

3) Alex Rios, Right Field
2008 was a bit of a down year for Rios in 2008. He needs to hit more homeruns if the Jays are going to compete this year. Mark him down for 28 homers in 2009.

4) Vernon Wells, Center Field
Another key component in the Jays hopes for success had a rough season last year. He's another guy we need to hit more homeruns, and knock in those crucial runners in scoring position. 115 RBI for Wells in 2009.

5) Adam Lind, Designated Hitter
I see Lind as a guy who can hit 19 homeruns in 2009. Although that's not really what you expect of your DH, it should still do the job.

6) Scott Rolen, Third Base
I thought last year was a solid year for Rolen at the hot corner. In a division that is loaded with homerun hitting Third Basemen (Rodriguez, Longoria, Lowell), the Jays need Rolen to start putting the ball into the bleachers. 24 HR from Rolen in 2009.

7) Lyle Overbay, First Base
The King Of Doubles, baby! Overbay is always good for a clutch double late in the innings. He's also a very effecient First Basemen. Expect Overbay to be up near 44 doubles in 2009.

8) Rod Barajas, Catcher
When Cito Gaston stepped in as Manager for the Jays, Barajas was his catcher, replacing Gregg Zaun. I personally like Barajas as a defensive catcher. In 2009, he will help our inexperienced pitchers adapt to big-league hitters, as well as limit his pass-balls.

9) Marco Scutaro, Shortstop
Rounding out the lineup, Marco Scutaro comes in and provides the defensive assurance we need at Shortstop. Scutaro will hit .268 in the 2009 season.


  • Lind and Snider are pretty much interchangeable in their positions (DH and LF), as well as the batting order.
  • The only thing that I don't like about my lineup is the lack of speed/base-stealing threat at the top of the order. Do you guys have any suggestions?