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Community Projection: Vernon Wells

You know the drill - how many plate appearances are we looking at for the big Jays centre-fielder, and what will his AVG/OBP/SLG line look like?  Finally, what's his defense going to look like, above average or below, and by how many runs?  You know the scale by now, 0 is average, 5 good, 10 very good, 15 gold glove, 20 all-time great, and same in reverse.  Also, project any counting stats you want to - home runs, doubles, steals, times he audibly swears after popping up an outside pitch early in the count, hilarious inscriptions on baseballs thrown to hecklers, whatever you want. 

Remember, Vernon missed quite a bit of time last season, both breaking his wrist on a diving catch, and then injuring his hamstring.  The wrist injury was obvioulsy a freak thing, but Wells also battled shoulder issues in 2007 that limited his productivity and necessitated surgery, and lots of innings of carrying that big frame around centre-field could be starting to take their toll.  When Vernon was able to play though, he hit very well (.300/.343/.496) and the team's offense seemed to come alive.