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Greetings From Florida!

When I left for Florida this morning from my parents' house in Canada, it was cold beyond belief and snowy like crazy. In Dunedin, there's not a cloud to be seen. Some days I really do love my job.

I'm all checked in to my hotel room which will be my home for just under two months. For those of you who know that my off-season home is in Orlando, and are asking why I just don't stay in that, is because it's too far of a drive for me everyday, and my buddy who works at the hotel I'm staying at gives me a discount. So I'm pretty fortunate and I would like to thank my friend right now! Thanks, Josh!

By the time I arrived in Dunedin, the early-arrivals workout had ended. My first taste of baseball will be tomorrow morning at roughly 10:00 A.M. Check back for an update later in the afternoon!

If you ever have any questions, feel free to post a comment in any thread asking the question. If I can't answer it, I'm sure Hugo or Rince will be more then happy to. But if it's Spring Training related, I will do my best to answer.

Just one further thing. I'd like to remind you all that from March 4th-18th, I will be taking my last vacation of the year, except a couple days off here or there in the season. Nothing too major.