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Game Preview and Thread: Spring Training Game 5, Jays at Rays

Hi all.  If you haven't gotten a chance to check out the recent stuff on the site, just scroll down.  Last night I took a look at the first of our AL East rivals for the season, the Baltimore Orioles, and this morning I tried to make sense of Jeff Blair's article stating that the Jays are looking to move some salary in the form of Scott Rolen and/or Lyle Overbay to sign shortstop Orlando Cabrera

Today's game is a 1:05 pm affair between the Jays and the Tampa Bay Rays.  Pink, round, and efficient Jesse Litsch (perhaps a little less round since he apparently took up working out with the tireless Doc Halladay this offseason) will start for the Jays and Ken Takahashi is also scheduled to make his first appearance after resolving his visa issues successfully and obtaining a work permit. According to, the game will be carried on gameday audio. 

Welcome, March!  You couldn't come soon enough this year!