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Game Recap for Spring Game 5, Jays Beat Rays

Jays won 6-3 running their spring record to 3-2. I would say the record doesn't matter, but the Jays have spent the off-season hearing how bad they would be, so getting a little confidence could go a long ways. Or let's go with that cause they won today.

The good? Jesse Litsch threw 2 shutout innings with just a hit and a walk given up with one strikeout. Bryan Bullington had 2 shutout innings too, though he gave up 2 hits and 2 walks. Reid Santos and Dirk Hayhurst each pitched a shutout inning with a strikeout. Dirk got the save and he hasn't given up a run yet this spring. If we weren't so stacked in the bullpen I'd think was building himself a chance at making the team.

Offensively a lot of the young guys looked good: Sean Shoffit went 1 for 2 and drove in 2, Scott Campbell was 1 for 2, Brian Dopirak was 1 for 1 with a run and a RBI, Jason Lane was 1 for 3 and has a .455 average this spring (I'm growing more hopeful by the day), David Cooper got his first hit of the spring and Scott Rolen went 1 for 2.

The bad? Ken Takahashi was hit hard, until he strained his calf making a nice play on a suicide squeeze. Brian Wolfe gave up a couple of hits, a walk and a run in his 1.1 innings of work. With a lot of candidates for the bullpen he's going to have some better outings to make the team. Russ Adams went 0 for 3. Adam Lind was 0 for 2 though he took a walk, which was nice to see since he walk all of 16 times last year, but he still doesn't have a hit this spring.

Tomorrow Ricky Romero starts for the Jays. He didn't look great in the Jay's first spring game. The game is on Gameday Audio. I keep hoping Sportsnet will show us a game but not yet anyway.